P51 Combat Fighter revealed

Good news bikers… The Confederate P51 Combat Fighter has been revealed, and it looks incredible! The bad news however is that they are only building 61 of them, and they cost ¬£72,000 a piece. ¬†Whilst you may not be in a position to ever own one of these beauties they make for some excellent eye candy and they are also sure to make quite the noise, as the bike has a 21633cc V Twin engine that is supposedly capable of 200bhp.

This News may not be of much use to you but we were one Seat Altea article away from BuyYourBike being a straight up car website! We also have a picture for you to enjoy!


By the way, if you are interested in the SEAT Altea, it’s being dropped! So if you want one it will have to be a second hand SEAT Altea I’m afraid. We’re full of interesting news today aren’t we!